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William Manson - author, inventor, and mentor Hi, I'm William C. Manson; a 4 time inventor with 4 patents applied for in 2007. This patent US D583,299 S was issued Dec. 23, 2008. This one US 7,615,716 B2 was issued Nov. 10, 2009. In 1989, it was God's blessing to be a graduate Engineer from Purdue University Calumet. Taking extra courses in patent, trademarks, and trade secret protection has paid off in the end.

I'm overwhelmed by getting 2 patents and 2 are still pending. It feels good to know that no theft attempts were made on my patent applications. Let an expert show you how  to protect your new invention. A good protection plan will keep inventors safe and away from invention thief. Thief of invention happens quite often in the USA. Many inventors worry about patent attorneys, inventor's kits, and people stealing their inventions. I was not aware that I knew how to protect a new inventions until the Joe Jackson's story Dec.10, 2006. I went on to protect my own invention after hearing about Joe Jackson. Let me help protect your invention.

Let me put your mind at ease about this web site. It contains prudent information about invention protection. It is designed and built for inventors. People should be aware that some patent attorneys can and will still your new invention. A poor man's patent (or a letter written to yourself) will not protect inventions. Before conferring with a patent attorney, see how this web site can protect your invention from theft. My protected information package will protect your invention until you are ready to apply for a patent.

This web site is a prospering tool for new inventors. They will flourish with no implications from me. By law, all people are entitled to twelve (12) months of invented protection from the Federal Government. "INVENT AND PROTECT U" program will show you how to protect a new invention. It is done through governmental rules and regulations. This program requires strictly confidential throughout the process. After seven months into the program, you can reveal the invention to a patent attorney. Then, five months is ample enough time to file for a patent. No one will be able to steal it during this time period. That includes all people from the public. You are not required to tell anyone about your protection plan. Patent attorneys will not know your secret, but they can find out through different avenues.

Invent And Protect You : Joe Jackson Story The reason I have built this web site is to help inventors like you to protect their invention from theft. Before applying for a patent, order my information package, so that you can be protected from theft. This package will contain all information by mail order. I don't wants to see another person or a case to end up like Joe Jackson (pictured here). Get the full story by Clicking on his name or picture. His quest to acquire a new patent invention was denied for killing 3 patent attorneys. He was killed as a result of his action. He claimed to have spent $15,000.00 with them. By having a protected invention in your hands, it is like having an ace in the hole. With my information package, you will be saving a lot of time, headaches, and money spent in jail. Most patent attorneys will charge $2,000.00 and up for a patent. Let me share this special opportunity with you for a small fee of $500.00. WAIT, GET IT NOW FOR ONLY $250.00 USD in the USA {limited time offer for 90 days}. This web site will make the difference in you having an invention and not having an invention.

If you're not satisfied with the information package plan, you can get your money back in full guaranteed.
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